Manufacturing Engineering Technology (MET)

Within a typical manufacturing organization, there are multitudes of machines performing many different functions on, perhaps, hundreds or thousands of different parts. Whether the finished product is an athletic shoe or a jet airplane, the logical set of events that must take place to produce that product must be planned and conceived in advance. The location of each machine, the movement of a part or machine tool and the order of operations - even the machines themselves - must be planned in detail. Day-to-day production problems must be solved.

A manufacturing engineering technologist will help to solve the complex problems associated with manufacturing operations. Manufacturing engineering technologists work in teams with engineers, scientists and technicians to solve manufacturing related problems. Engineering Technology programs are less theoretical than engineering programs and are more application or "hands-on" oriented. There are laboratory components to most engineering technology courses where students learn to apply theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom to solve practical or applications-based problems.

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