Manufacturing Engineering Technology - CAD/CAM Option (MET-CAD/CAM)

This program is currently in Moratorium, and is no longer accepting new students.

Manufacturing Engineering Technologists help in solving complex problems associated with manufacturing planning and operations. Whether the goal is the production of an athletic shoe or a jet aircraft, a logical set of events must be conceived, planned and executed in order to create the final product that a consumer purchases and uses. Technologists today are expected to be able to assist in design to ensure manufacturability of a product and to lead in specifying materials, processes, tooling, equipment, factory layouts and production schedules. Once production has started they are involved in running and improving throughput of production lines, maintenance and management of systems and personnel. Technologists today must be well acquainted with Computer-Aided technologies to assist in their work.

The Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing option develops students with expertise in advanced 3D parametric modeling, and in the planning, programming and operation of Computer Numerical Controlled equipment. These technologies are used extensively for designing and fabricating products and tooling. The option builds upon the fundamental understanding of product form, function, materials, processes, business and economics introduced in the core MET program. This results in a graduate with skills that are ideally suited to the application of CAD/CAM in design and manufacturing. Graduates pursue employment in product/tooling design, manufacturing planning and operations, and management throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET,